As many of you know, September is Sepsis Awareness Month, a time when many hospitals and healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the world come together to increase public and professional awareness of sepsis. Although great strides have been made in recent years in its early recognition and treatment, sepsis is still far too common and takes far too many lives. Much remains to be done to increase awareness of this condition among healthcare workers and the public.

We at ESCAVO encourage you to continue spreading the word about sepsis and the importance of early recognition and treatment with appropriate fluids, blood pressure stabilization agents and antibiotics. Remember that once septic shock sets in, survival decreases drastically with each hour of treatment delay, reaching 50% after as little as 6 hours of onset. In sepsis, time is of the essence, time = life!

The Global Sepsis Alliance and the Sepsis Alliance provide terrific professional and patient resources free of charge that we encourage you to download and distribute to raise awareness and educate your peers and patients.

Sepsis patient information guides from the Sepsis Alliance

Diverse education materials from the Global Sepsis Alliance

These organizations work hard to educate professionals and patients about sepsis and we encourage you to make a donation in support of their continued activities.

Support the Global Sepsis Alliance

Support the Sepsis Alliance

Please note that ESCAVO is not affiliated with these organizations and does not benefit from your donations, we simply believe in and fully support their mission and encourage our users to do the same.

Thank you for your time.



Daniel Nichita, MD

And the ESCAVO team