September 13th is World Sepsis Day, a day dedicated to increasing awareness of sepsis and its devastating consequences among the public and healthcare professionals. Please visit the World Sepsis Day and Global Sepsis Alliance websites to find out more about this event and what you can do to improve the treatment of sepsis and reduce its terrible toll. Remember, in Sepsis time is life!

Just in time for World Sepsis Day, we recently made a number of upgrades to our Sepsis app. The app has a new look and now supports annotations so you can enter your own notes on each page. The news feed feature is now also available on the Android platform. And we just released the Spanish version which is automatically used on mobile devices set to use the Spanish language (available on Android, coming on the iPhone very soon). If you haven’t already done so, please update your app to take advantage of these new features.

As always, we stand ready to receive your feedback, good or bad, on problems with the Sepsis app or ideas for improvement. Don’t be a stranger and send us your thoughts at [email protected].


The Escavo Team