We have had a lot of requests for it and are happy to finally announce ESCAVO’s first Android app, the Sepsis App – Sepsis Clinical Guide, Android edition! Certain challenges in adapting our technology to the Android OS delayed its release, but we finally got it done and it’s looking pretty good.

The Android version of the Sepsis app is very similar to the popular iOS Sepsis app, with a few minor differences in user interface that are specific to the Android OS. The app supports devices using Android OS version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and newer with screens of any size and density. However, for optimal user experience, we recommend installation on devices with screens measuring at least 480 x 320 px (HVGA), classified as a normal screen size in Android terms.  The app will work on smaller screen sizes down to 320 x 240 px (QVGA), but the content text may be difficult to read.

The content of both versions of the Sepsis app is controlled from a unified content management system of ESCAVO’s mobile publishing system, allowing us to instantly propagate content updates to both the iOS and Android platforms. Going forward, all of our content apps will be published on both platforms.

If you encounter any problems with our Android apps, please let us know. There are a lot of Android device types out there, and although we have done our best to test our Android app on both simulated and real devices, it’s possible some problems may be encountered on some devices.

Download the Android App