We are proud to announce the release of our first app on the ESCAVO mobile publishing platform for iOS, the Sepsis Clinical Guide app. We chose the topic of sepsis for our first app because of first-hand personal experience of its devastating effects, and the realization that it is an extremely serious condition that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves.

Although considered a bread-and-butter medical subject, the early and correct diagnosis of sepsis continues to be a problem in the medical community. Early recognition is not simple because the symptoms of sepsis mimic those of far more benign conditions. Accurate diagnosis depends on careful observation and the integration of many factors in the patient’s history and physical exam. And even if a diagnosis is made in time, it is critical to know which antibiotics and other life-saving treatments to administer in different circumstances.

The price for missing the diagnosis of sepsis and not promptly administering the correct treatment is grave: Each year over 750,000 people are diagnosed with sepsis in America’s hospitals, 200,000 of whom die. That’s almost 1 death due to sepsis every two and a half minutes, and these statistics are rather old and likely underestimate the real picture.  Whatever the exact numbers, one thing is for certain: Sepsis is truly one of the biggest killers in America’s hospitals, and in a time of increasing resistance to antibiotics, it is only becoming more so.

Our goal with the Sepsis Clinical Guide app is to provide practicing physicians, and particularly trainees and hospitalists, with the latest and most important diagnostic and management information on sepsis, in the most efficient and accessible format possible. We have brought together the latest guidelines on the management of sepsis and related conditions from leading organizations in sepsis, critical care and infectious disease to produce a concise guide that supplies the essential clinical information and decision support tools on sepsis in one package. For more information on the Sepsis Clinical Guide app, refer to its information page in the Apple and Google Plus app markets.

The Sepsis Clinical Guide app was developed and launched using ESCAVO’s proprietary mobile content publishing platform. This platform allows for instant content updates without the need to republish the app, and includes features such as offline operation, indexed searching, bookmarking, contextual content pop-ups intended to minimize unnecessary navigation, and other user interface optimizations designed to enhance the display of medical and scientific content on small mobile device screens.